"You gave us the tools to be a better writer and a wonderful and exciting story to enjoy. You gave us your support, you shared your skills and you provided us with a model. A model not only of a good writer but also of one who is willing to take risks, willing to make mistakes to learn, and willing to be persistent to be the best that she can." D. Hinves


Who Am I?


Once upon a time when Diane was much younger than she is today, she began telling stories to her sisters--fairy tales, that began with "once upon a time". In her imagination, her characters solved their problems with magic and her dragons loved to talk.

As she grew, she discovered the magic of science so did experiments and wrote lab reports. After she married and her son was born, she returned to the fictional world that cluttered her brain. First, she used a pencil then a typewriter (it was long ago, after all) to write down stories about magic, science, history, and mysteries. Then, when her daughter was born, she discovered the freedom of the computer. Still, her ideas came faster than her fingers could fly across the keys.

As her children worked their way through school, so did Diane. Helping out in Language Arts, she created a place where kids could "publish" their own stories. She taught students how to craft their ideas into words and sentences. She told them how to create characters and work through plots. She read them the manuscripts she had written.

Today, she divides her time between writing fantasy and mystery fiction, travelling, playing with her grandsons, World of Warcraft, and doing photography.

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