The Transdisciplinary College is a world-class creative community in transdisciplinary research at University of Calgary. Transdisciplinary research describes ideas that are between, across, and beyond all disciplines following the thoughts of many great men and women of science, invention, and technology.


Our Mission:

To engage any interested member of the U of C research community in a fluid, flexible, and open manner, with trust and commitment; to explore new terrains in communication, discovery, knowledge creation, and the social organization of research; to enhance the manifest connections between the academy and the local community; and to invent the principles and practices that can and must sustain future generations, not only in Alberta but throughout the world.

To fulfill our ambitions, we must invent new ways of working together to solve everyday problems and forge sustainable paths of discovery. We believe much of the promise of U of C's future lies in transdisciplinary endeavor.

The University already possesses a formidable collection of interdisciplinary institutes, research groups, and educational programs, such as:

One of the principle tasks for the Transdisciplinary College is to leverage all of these resources into an integrated community of transdisciplinary research and discovery.

The Transdisciplinary College programs have concrete benefits for the research community; for students at the graduate and undergraduate levels; for the University of Calgary; and for the general public.

To date, researchers, teachers, and students from the following Faculties have joined this initiative.

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Communication and Culture

Schulich School of Engineering

The Centre employs state-of-the-art learning and communication technologies to offer learners maximum flexibility, efficiency and accessibility to learning resources.

If you are a U of C faculty member, department head, dean, head of institute or other administrative leader in the U of C research community, you can add your name to the list of signatories by sending an email to: Maya Paczuski  Please use "College" as subject line.


Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows can sign by writing to Jacob Foster



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